• DO NOT PICK!!! This may cause hyperpigmentation or scarring

• If the area is still irritated by end of the day, apply a cold compress for 10 minutes then moisturize with LuxMD™

• Use LuxMD™ 2-3 times per day 24-48 hours after initial crust or after skin tag or fibromas fall off

• Post-treatment skin will be pink and very sensitive down time is approx. 7-10 days of crusting

• Avoid vigorous exercise, hot tubs, pools, sauna or steam for 24-48 hours after treatment

• Do not apply make-up, creams, lotions, oils or essential oils 24-48 hours to treated area

• Avoid direct sun light immediately following treatment, SPF 30 or higher sunscreen must be applied 10 minutes prior to sun exposure and worn everyday rain or shine

• DO NOT USE retinol or any form of vitamin A or peeling products, or bleaching products until fully healed. Use mild products without alcohol only

• Pat dry instead of rubbing to prevent removal of crust

• Keep skin clean and protected to avoid infection

• If skin becomes painful or redness persist, please contact us immediately


Clear By Skin Sheek for Skin irregularities

• Avoid sun exposure and tanning, sunburned skin will not be treated

• Stop using all skin irritants (glycolic/salicylic acids, benzoyl peroxide, retinol product such as Retin A, Triluma, Differin, and Vitamin C) on the area’s being treated. 2-3 days before

• Do not have Botox 2 weeks prior to treatment

• Advise staff of current and prior medical conditions and or treatment.

• Advise staff if your pregnant or nursing

• Advise Staff of current medications including antibiotics (certain antibiotics can make your skin photosensitive)

• Pregnancy
• Allergy to nickel
• Do not use with implanted pace makers or some heart conditions
• Medications for high blood pressure may affect healing results
• Clients on anticoagulants
• Any irregularity with a blood supply
•  Accutane users, wait 3-6 months
• Autoimmune diseases or slow healers
• Lupus
• Do not treat any skin tags larger than the size of an eraser
• Melasma, subdermal pigmentation
• Anti-coagulant medications


Post Care/ Home Care Instructions

Pre-Care Instructions - 1 week prior treatment