1-2 Days Before Appointment

Pack appropriate clothing! If it’s raining or snowing, make sure you have proper attire that covers you from head to toe. We do not want drops of water hitting your new tan. You will need to put on loose, dark cotton clothing after your tan – aka NO DENIM. The best outfit to wear after you are sprayed is; loose pants, long sleeve t-shirt and slide shoes or flip flops.

Take a shower – but just a water rinse. Any soaps, shampoos or conditioners that get on your skin the day of your tan may leave a residue and impede the sunless tanning process by leaving a film on your skin that will result in a blotchy tan. Do not shower within 3 hours of your spray tan. Best to shower the night or morning before your tan.

Skip the lotions, oils, perfume, makeup and deodorant.

WOMEN – Plan on wearing dark colored underwear or swim bottoms. This will be your tan line. We have a female-only, professional and discreet staff, so you may wear whatever you’d like (or nothing) during your session. Women are welcome to be nude.

MEN – plan on wearing dark boxers or undergarments. We require male clients to wear bottoms.


You are in for a treat… A deliciously dark treat!
This luxury solution has been designed and formulated with you in mind. Our beautiful blend was created with organic and natural ingredients to create a beautiful deep, dark sunless tanning experience. We have carefully formulated this unique blend to dry quickly on the skin, even without the addition of alcohol/ethanol. This luxury solution will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft immediately after application and even after your first inital shower.

​​Checklist for Spray Tan Prep & Post Care​​​

Luxury Airbrush SprAY Tanning-Forest Lake Only

*Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Using an exfoliating glove or mitt (not a scrub product), exfoliate your entire body head to toe. Pay special attention to dry areas like feet, knees, elbows, neck, underarms and back of arms. Do not use oil-based exfoliators or products that contain sulfates. We particularly LOVE our EXFOLIATE mitts available to get this job done. Because our tan works with your skin's natural lifecycle, which lasts between 7-14 days, we want to start out with fresh, clean skin for the longest lasting results.​

Shave or wax at least 8 hours before appointment.

Discontinue the use of any retinol or retinoids. 

Discontinue the use of any bar soaps, DOVE, DR. BRONNERS or DIAL products. These will disrupt the pH balance of your skin and result in an uneven tan, patchiness and sometimes orange results.

Make sure all manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and massages are done at least the day before your appointment. The oils used during these services will create a barrier between your skin and the application, and will result in an uneven tan.​ 

After your appointment

Change into a loose fitting top and bottom, no bras or tight clothing. Sweatpants, pajamas, flip flops and/or loose long sleeve t-shirts are best! Avoid tight clothing or clothing that allows your skin to touch skin. This will result in double processing of the tan.

Shower after the appropriate time after your tan per technician's recommendations

In the first water rinse, completely remove all cosmetic bronzers with cool water and your hands only. Make sure the water rinses clear, NO SOAP.

Limit physical activity, let your tan fully dry and settle into your skin (at least a hour).

No sweating/working out for 24 hours. Sweat will cause streaking of your tan. Baby powder absorbs sweat and can be used all over the body after a tan.

 You can wash your hair separately or use dry shampoo.

Use sulfate-free body wash and lotion to prevent premature fading of your tan.

Apply lotion to your skin after each shower to prevent dry skin. Your tan will last longer too! ❏

If your tan gets on your sheets or clothing, wash immediately with extra soap to prevent staining.

Whenever you want to get rid of your spray tan, soak for 5-10 min and exfoliate your entire body.

An old spray tan must be off to get another one!

Avoid over showering, long hot showers and baths, chlorine, loofahs and exfoliants of any kind for 5-7 days. Keep in mind, the act of soaking and scrubbing during any nail treatments will remove the tan on the legs and feet.

Apply sunscreen, safe sun care is a must!